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3rd Edition!

The campus will focus on improving the performance of our participants, enhancing the development of their technique and stimulating their artistic capacity.

We want to transmit values to our participants that will help them grow as athletes, and also as a human being: fellowship, respect, tolerance, fair play, teamwork and other fundamental values like self care and good nutrition.

We will stimulate a linguistic and cultural inmersion through living together and sharing moments at every practice with participants from many countries.

*Our coaches could change due to their professional commitments with their national teams and clubs.




9:00 to 17:00h


B Level required


Poliesportiu Municipal Camp del Ferro


Unite Hostel
or Generator Hostel




From August 20th to 26th, 2023


All the FULLBOARD Figure Skating Campus in Barcelona are in RESIDENTIAL format.

It includes all services (accommodation, sports equipment, transfers, etc.) except flights.


August 20st the participants will be doing a trial to see their technique level.

Our training program includes:

  • Flexibility work. 
  • Artistic and choreographic work. 
  • Specific step sequences work. 
  • Artistic skating corporal expression. 
  • Artistic skating dance. 
  • Physical preparation focused on artistic skating work. 
  • Jumps and pirouettes work.
  • Makeup workshop.



1 week: 650 €

(Flights not included)


1 week: 1.150€

(Flights not included)


The participants on the Full Board Camp will discover the charm of Barcelona and the main cultural characteristics and customs.

It includes the visit (from the outside) to some of the most universal Catalan modernism by Antonio Gaudí: La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera and Casa Batlló.

The participants will also wonder around Passeig de Gràcia, the mythic Les Rambles boulevard, the main commercial area of Ciutat Vella and enjoy a Gala Dinner.

DAY CAMP formula

650 €

650Add to cart

FULL BOARD formula

1.150 €

1,150Add to cart


  • 5% Siblings or skater of the same Club
  • 5% discount if it’s your second campus
  • 10% discount if it’s your third campus
  • 15% discount if it’s your fourth campus
  • 20% Participation in a fifth or more Offlimits Camps

* Discounts are applied before taxes.
** The discount of category 1 can be added to the other categories.
*** Maximum possible discount before taxes is 25%.

Coaches and Staff Summer Camp 2022 & 2023

Júlia Ventura

Campus coordinator and technician

  • National technician. Current coach of the CPA Ripollet (along with Janet Ruiz) and former skater of the CP L’Aldea, trained by Manel Villarroya.
  • European Champion 2008 and 2009, and 3rd in the World in 2008 in individual mode.
  • 2019 World Champion, Small Show Groups modality, with CP L’Aldea.



Janet Ruiz

Campus technician

  • National coach. Current coach of CPA Ripollet.
  • World Skate Level 3 Technician.
  • She has participated in more than 10 European and World Championships.
  • Trainer of Carla Escrich (3rd in the World in 2019), Claudia Aguado (3rd in the World in 2021) and Llorenç Álvarez.
  • She has participated in 21 European Championships and 15 World Championships, with a total of 7 international medals.



Manel Villarroya

Campus technician

  • National technician. Current coach of CP L’Aldea.
  • World Skate Level 3 Technician.
  • Coach of great skaters such as Júlia Ventura, Núria Gas, Elisa Tomás, Anouk Vizcarro, Andrea Silva (current World Vice-Champion) and Pau García (current World Champion in the individual modality).
  • He has participated in more than 14 European and World Championships in different modalities, achieving more than 10 international medals.
  • 2019 World Champion, in the Small Show Groups modality and current World Champion of Junior Show Groups, with CP L’Aldea.

Oscar Molins

Campus technician

  • National technician. Current coach of Cunit Artistic Skating.
  • World Skate Level 3 Technician.
  • Coach of Pau García (current World Champion in the individual modality) and Llorenç Álvarez (current World Champion in the Solo Dance modality).
  • As a coach, he has participated in 9 European Championships and 8 World Championships in different modalities, achieving 16 European medals and 8 world medals.
Igone López

Igone López

Campus technician

  • Graduated from the conservatory of Almería professionally.
    Specializing in classical dance.
  • She has danced in different companies such as “Prodance ballet”, “La canadenca danse Carpe Diem”, “Els xais S.C” and “Javier Guerrero”
  • She has been the choreographer of different major events in Barcelona such as: “La Mercè”, “La Cavalcada de Reis” and “El Festival Llum Barcelona”.
  • She teaches dance at the Ramon Solé Dance School, the Institut del teatre de Vic and the Club Patinatge Artístic Ripollet.


Marina Bagen

Janet Ruiz

Campus technician

  • He has participated in three Spanish Championships in the Rhythmic Gymnastics sets.
  • Currently “cheerleading” at the Club Bears Barcelona Cheerleading.
  • Flexibility Coach at the Ripollet Figure Skating Club.






Coaches and Staff Summer Camp 2021

Luca Lucaroni

Senior skater in freestyle modality and artistic couples.

?? World Champion titles

? Europe Champion titles&nbsp

?? Italy Champion titles

Pierluca Tocco

European Champion (2007)

Runner-up in the World Championship  (2009)

Got Talent Italy semifinalist on 2021.

Multiples exhibitions remembered by its fun and cheerful staging (Jack Sparrow, Freddy Mercury)

Luca d’Alisera

Ex skater in freestyle modality and freestyle couples

Best athlete award (1998-2002)

12 Wolrd Champion titles

7 Europe Champion titles

14 Italian Champion titles

Natalia Baldizzone

World Champion Junior 2018

2 times European Champion

18 times National Champion (Spain)

Ivan Santander

Dancer and choreographer specialized on urban dance.

Finalist on Hip Hop International on 2019 and Spanish representative on 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Winner of Urban Display and Rock the House Final on 2017 (solo dance modality).

Got Talent Spain semifinalist on 2018 and participant of Fama a Bailar! 2019

Lara Vázquez

Catalonian Champion on Aerodance modality (2019-2020)

Spanish Champion on Aerodance modality (2019-2020)

Participant of the Urbance Competition on 2017 and of diferent spectacles like the opening ceremony of the Pabellón Olímpico de Badalona.

Choreographer of the Aerodance modality dances for the Spanish Championship.

Silvia Rodriguez

Senior skater in freestyle modality.

2 Europe Championship participations

4 consecutive Spanish Championships qualifications

Multiple Catalonian Championships participations.

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