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Programs designed for keen coaches seeking new experiences

In-Company Training Camps are programs designed for keen coaches seeking new experiences who wish to improve and widen their knowledge in different countries.

Depending on the sport, we integrate the coaches into our own technical teams or those of our partners so they can play an active role in all the training and tournaments.

A one-off experience that will make you even more passionate about your profession – one that’s designed for true professionals: highly-qualified, experienced coaches who are clearly dedicated to their athletes.

Test yourself, train yourself and make your dreams come true!

We do also organize In-Company Training Camps of other sport disciplines

From Offlimits Camps We propose programs designed for coaches and coaches with concerns that seek new experiences and want to enhance and expand their Knowledge in other countries. To achieve this, and according to the sport, the integrate to our own technical teams, or to the technical teams of our collaborators, with whom actively participates in the development of all the trainings and Tournaments. Learning of our best technicians and techniques (and the best technicians and techniques of our collaborators), exercising the function of technical support, and working elbow to elbow , we enable:

  1. the interformation , from the exchange with other coaches and experts.
  2. the direct transmission of experiences between coaches from different backgrounds.
  3. the video-feedback : The reproduction i the video analysis of the performances of the coaches.
  4. the stimulation of the creativity.
  5. the elaboration of a daily practice.
  6. Participation in Master-classes , clinics or seminars.
  7. the knowledge of other schools , styles , methodologies and realities: Discovery of other cultures of sport.
  8. the immersion linguistic and cultural.
  9. the incorporation into a global job market.
  10. the Personal growth and professional.

To Get it We have programs of different sports disciplines in:

  • Basketball : New York City.
  • Tennis : New York City.
  • Soccer : New York City.
  • Artisitc Swimming : Barcelona, New York & New Canaan.

A unique experience that will further strengthen your passion for a profession who needs real professionals , coaches highly trained and Experienced , and with an unequivocal vocation of service to the sportsmen. Test yourself, train and make one of your dreams come true!

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